About Krista Scarlavai Photography

Photography has been a part of my life in one way or another since I was very young. Whether it was my dad trying to capture every moment of my childhood, my grandmother allowing me to use her point and shoot or my first compact camera for my eleventh birthday. But my favorite "photography" memory is of my Great Grandmother. I loved visiting her because she had accumulated mounds of photos throughout her life. At night before she would tuck me in she would pull out all of the old photographs and recall some of her memories. I was fascinated by the memories she had associated with each individual photo pulled from the box. The photographs became a time machine that allowed me to experience some of my grandmother’s fondest memories. I think my passion for photography stems back to the idea that a photograph can transport a person back to a memorable moment in time and that is what inspires me today.

I graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Fine Arts before moving to Chicago to pursue my dream professionally. I want to take what I have learned and share it with your family, so that you have not only the memories but beautiful photographs you are proud to display in your home as well. 

Currently I am shooting exclusively on location within Chicago, Indianapolis and Lexington areas, but I don't mind traveling to a different city for an additional fee. The shooting location can be your home, a scenic park or any other fun locations you might suggest. Questions about location and what to wear can be discussed during our email or phone consultations.